Team Senegal

The Senegalese members of the project were situated in Dakar and Casamance. Alain Christian Bassène was the coordinator of the project in Senegal and supervisor of our three PhD students Tricia Manga, Marguerite Dieme and Cheikh Sadibou Sambou. All three study at Université Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar and conducted their research at our field base in Brin. Jeremie Sagna completed his MA in sociology at the Université Assane Seck Ziguinchor as part of the project. He was also working for the project as transcriber and coordinator of the field base where Laurent Manga, Lina Sagna, Aimé Biagui and David Sagna worked relentlessly transcribing and tagging huge amounts of data collected in the villages of Brin, Djibonker and in the royaume of Mof Avvi. Alpha Naby Mané worked with Friederike in Agnack and served as a trainer and consultant for the transcriber team in Brin. Papis Sagna made sure that everybody was safe at night and that the plants and vegetables in our garden thrived.