Early Career Researchers to Brussels on 21-22 June 2016 (Post Brexit update)

Alex and Abbie, along with about 20 other London-based researchers, recently took part a working visit to Brussels with London Higher Education to explore resources for furthering funding in the EU through opportunities such as  Horizon 2020Marie Skłodowska-Curie, and the European Research Council. These grants provide substantial support to academics in various stages of their careers to collaborate with those within and outside academia in a range of disciplines and fields. The necessity to align the project goals with areas of interest and relevant to EU policy and goals was stressed.

The UK has an office in Brussels which is available to researchers at colleges and universities such as ours in London.  We were specifically encouraged to make contact with the representatives there, even before applying, in order to increase the chances of securing funding. The UKRO Portal: offers the following:

  • Tailored news articles and clear and accessible web pages on the latest in EU funding
  • Enquiry service: individual support through your dedicated European Advisor
  • Annual briefing visits: bespoke training for your institution
  • Meeting room: a venue in Brussels available for Britain-based academics for conferences and meetings

The next call for proposals relevant to early career researchers are the ERC Starting Grants with the next call opening up in July 2017.

For those with broader prospects, the Horizon 2020 program which seeks to alleviate some of the world’s most difficult problems and opens up major discoveries by the year 2020, is a way to partner with other institutions (not necessarily in academia) to create major changes.

We also were given a fascinating tour of EU Parliament where we saw some of the inner and networkings of Europe’s 751 elected representatives who are themselves represented through 24 official languages.

  • For more information contact:
  • Email: info@londonhigher.eu
  • Website: http://www.londonhigher.eu
  • Twitter: @LondonHigherEU
  • c/o London House
  • Rue du Trône 108
  • 1050 Brussels/Belgium
  • Tel: +32 (0)2 650 08 00

As the situation of the UK regarding EU infrastructure has radically changed since our visit (see Information on implications of referendum), we have received an update which we would also like to share. Yesterday, October 12, 2016, UKRO representative Blazej Thomas came to SOAS for a visit in which he stated the followingː


He and the other speakers present yesterday encouraged those who are interested in applying for EU funding not to hesitate based on rumors to the contrary and that the UKRO office is available for advice and assistance.