Alpha Naby Mané


Alpha has worked with Friederike as consultant and transcriber of Baïnounk Gujaher since she first came to Agnack in 2010. He is well versed in video and audio recording and masters linguistic software such as ELAN as well as various editing tools – he’s a true and almost entirely self-taught IT wizard. He was centrally involved in training the other transcribers on the Crossroads project and has developed his own methodology combining teaching basic computer literacy with teaching specialist linguistic tools. Alpha has also been involved in the subtitling and translation of the award winning film Kanraxël on multilingualism in Agnack. He is the narrator of two of the voice-overs of the film. He is currently living in Agnack Petit, east of Ziguinchor. Alpha is a practitioner of Ajami writing in Mandinka, the prevailing writing practice outside of the formal sector, to the east of Ziguinchor. He has created a short film explaining some of the characteristics of this writing practice with examples for sound-grapheme correspondences.